High Tech and Pharma executives face challengesthat leaders in other industries do
not encounter. Intellectual property plays a pivotal role in the way these businesses
operate and the strength of their IP portfolios determine the company’s market share.

Alpha Muse Inc. offers leadership experience as well as intellectual property
knowledge that our clients leverage for success. We work as partners with corporate
leaders to create and execute strategies that focus on innovation and sustainability. We
examine and diagnose the challenges, then create a course of action that aligns with
your values and achieve desired results.

Our Approach

It takes one to know one. To truly
understand the challenges of a business
leader, one must be one. We have been in
leadership positions as well as founded
companies, managed teams and
understand the challenges our clients
face. While the average consultant has
been trained in theories and case studies,
we’ve been in the trenches with you. We
speak your language and view the world
from your perspective.

We offer guidance to C-level executives
on critical issues and how they can focus
on better performance and efficiency.
Our strength is to identify and remediate
root causes while focusing on the
delivery of sustainable solutions that
enable our clients to move forward

What We Offer

  • Performance & Efficiency
  • Leadership
  • Marketing/Consumer Acquisition
  • New Product/Innovation Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • IP Consulting
  • Emerging Markets


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